Technical figures

Technical diagrams


Schematic figures or data visualisations.


Researchers, Academia, Publishing, Policy, Journalism.


To help explain complicated processes or shed light on patterns in complex data sets.

Why you might need technical figures

Biomedical science can be highly technical and specialised. Often the best way to cut through the jargon quickly is to use a technical figure. Conversely, a poorly designed figure can leave your peers scratching their heads at unresolved ambiguities.

It is also important to try and present the science in a way that can be understood by non-specialists in your field as well as your peers. Technical figures allow the science to be presented in a clear and effective manner to the audience, including any potential collaborators and investors.

How can we help?

We help scientists translate their findings into clear figures that summarise the findings and remove ambiguity.

Sketching some ideas

Here at Vivid Biology, we understand the science underpinning technical figures. We’re also adept at creating great designs that intuitively guide readers through a process. We can transform as simple pencil sketch into a publication-ready figure that’s easy to edit if further details come to light.

Data redraws

We can redraw data plots and figures to journal guidelines, either from original data or tracing vector files from images. We can also take previously published figures that you’ve got permission to reproduce, and redraw them as publication-ready vector files.

Process diagrams

If you need a graphical abstract or table of contents figure to go with a manuscript, we can take a pencil sketch or powerpoint mock-up and create a crisp, uniformly styled schematic that will help you stand out.

Some technical figures we’ve created

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How it works

We’ve created plenty of journal-spec figures before. This is our usual workflow.

We’ve also created technical figures for early stage biotech companies. If you need us to sign a confidentiality agreement or NDA then let us know.

We’ve also contracted for major medical communications agencies to redraw technical figures under tight turnarounds.

A starting sketch

First, we will ask you to send a rough mock up or sketch for us to work from. It can be a pencil sketch, PowerPoint or whichever format you feel comfortable with, we are able to work with many different methods.

A first draft, and then another

Once we create a first draft, we will send it to you for review. We expect there might be some minor errors. Usually clients will add comments to PDFs in Acrobat, others prefer the traditional approach of red pen on print-outs.

Checking the brief

Our team will then research the journal requirements for the size and format of the figure to ensure it meets the specifications.

The finished figure

We’ll continue this process of revision until you are completely happy with the final result. We’ll then format the file according to journal standards and hand it over.

Ballpark figures

Every brief is different but technical figures are usually fairly standardised. We usually price at the rates below.

Projects that require location-based work are billed by the day. Please contact us separately for details.

Dimensions (cm)
Price (£)

Redrawing data plots

Simple bar charts

Scatter plots

from 35

from 50

New manuscript figures

Table of contents (TOC) figure

Graphical abstract

Quarter page

Half page

Full page

11 x 2

14 x 9 (varies)

13 x 9

13 x 18.4

26 x 18.4

from 125

from 250

from 150

from 250

from 450

Redrawing existing figures

Low complexity

Medium complexity

High complexity

from 100

from 175

from 300