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We've worked on technical figures for academia, NGOs and industry. We've also helped with graphic design and branding for institutions and companies.


We've created technical journal figures for researchers who are submitting articles for publication. Usually these are molecular mechanism diagrams, however we've also worked with data and infographics.

We've created graphical abstracts to accompany research articles that summarise the paper's findings in a single infographic. These are great for engaging other researchers at conferences and presentations.

We've worked with biotechnology companies and startups to create technical diagrams that explain how their technologies work to both potential customers and potential investors.

We've worked with publishing to redraw large batches of figures at short notice. Typically we're sent the original figures as image files and redraw them as vectors using adobe illustrator, arranging them on pages to suit journal requirements. We've also redrawn figures for publication where the original data cannot be sourced and only exists in a PDF or printed journal.

We've worked with biotechnology companies to create branding guidelines based on their visual identities to ensure cohesion across communications.

We've also used existing branding guidelines to develop corporate templates for reports, presentation and stationery.

We've worked with researchers and public engagement departments to create logos and identities for public engagement projects.

We've created print design for universities and companies to market themselves or engage with the public, including brochures, business cards and other stationery. We can order these for you or use your own suppliers.

We can install and design simple websites for research groups that are easy for them to update with new research. We can also perform edits to existing WordPress websites.


We've created figures for journal submissions, grant applications and presentations.

We've also worked on branding for researcher-led spin-out companies.

We've worked with biotechnology companies and startups to explain the science behind their products to both customers and investors.

We've helped to develop brand guidelines from visual identities and also created corporate templates based on them.


We've designed marketing materials for universities for open days and other public engagement activities.

We've worked with policy organisations and think tanks to explain complicated science to non-specialist audiences.

We've worked with publishing and communications agencies to redraw large sets of technical figures to new specifications.