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10 Gifts for Cell Biologists

Do you have a sister silly for cilia? A mate who loses their marbles over mitochondria?

At Vivid Biology, we love to keep our eyes open for unique science themed gifts. But those of you who have spent time looking for presents for their favourite Cell Biologist will know that finding goodies for the golgi-obsessed doesn’t always come easy.

That’s why we have done the hard work for you, sorting through the internet and presenting our favourite finds here. Just like the a cell, only best gifts get through our selectively permeable membrane:

Save: Under  £15

A biologist on a budget will love these gifts, all under £15.

1. Mitosis Stickers

Etsy, from £7

These vinyl stickers are the perfect gift for a friend who loves to personalise stationary. Each sticker has a unique watercolour design, inspired by the stages of mitosis, making for a filing system which doubles up as a revision aid!


2. Cell Magnet Set

Vivid Biology, £6

All also available as badges from £1.50 each


3. Mitosis Glass Ornament

Etsy, £15


4. Cell Biology Tote Bag

Cognitive Surplus, $18 (£15)


Spend: Under £25

5. Blood Cells T-Shirt

Vivid Biology, £19.99


6. 3D Printed Golgi Apparatus Pendant

Etsy, £20


7. Mitosis Baby Grow

Cognitive Surplus, $26 (£21)


8. DIY Cell Embroidery Kit

Etsy, £23


Splurge: Over £25

9. Eukaryotic Cell Cushion

Etsy, £55.20


10. Silver Eukaryotic Cell Pendant

Etsy, £71.62



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