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Gift ideas for Chemistry Geeks

We’ve all been there. We all have one. The sibling, spouse, or second cousin that has been seized by science. Consumed by chemistry. Possessed by the periodic table.

Whether it’s birthdays, weddings, or religious festivals – what gift does one purchase for the chemically gifted? This holiday hypothesising is enough to bring you to boiling point. What’s cool AND clever? Brilliant AND brainy? Trendy AND trailblazing?

Before you internally combust, we at Vivid Biology have found a solution. Follow our budget-based formula, and we can catalyse inspiration. Diffuse the heat of present-purchasing pressure by using this list to ensure you get Big Bang for your buck.

(C’mon, it’s not rocket science.)


Save (Items under £15)

2. Periodic Table Handkerchief
Present Indicative, £7.50


The laboratory is a dangerous place, and no successful chemist is fully equipped without a handkerchief. Rid nostrils of germs, wipe leftovers off lips, or… peruse the periodic table? A triple threat for the tripod tycoon.

2. Salt and Pepper Lab Ware
Present Indicative, £11.95

The homes of simmering and sampling, dissecting and dissolving, combusting and concocting. There are many similarities between the laboratory and the kitchen. Why not add one more?

3. Be-Er 12-Pack Cooler
Lab Rat Gifts, $11.99 (approx £8)


For the chemistry-bros (and babes (and both)) among us – a fine addition to the pioneer’s picnic hamper.

Spend (Items under £30):

4. Radioactive Clock
Present Indicative, £20

A ticking-time bomb – kind of.

5. Crystal Growing Kit
Natural History Museum Shop, £30

One for the kids, or advocates of pseudo-scientific alternative medicine. Create crystals for a whole range of purposes! (When you find out what, please let us know.)

6. Cooking for Geeks
Present Indicative, £26.99

Come Dine With Me meets chemistry. Learn about the best temperature for enzymes, protein denaturation, caramelisation, and other sustenance-based science.

Splurge (Items under £60)


7. The Chemistry of Whiskey Gift Pack 
Cognitive Surplus, $50 (approx. £35)

For the ethanol enthusiasts – why pour your whisky, when you can produce it yourself? Sophisticated and social.

8. Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Present Indicative, £38

The upgrade from the handkerchief – what better way to memorise your metals than during your morning shower?

Spoil (Items over £100)

9. CHEMISTRY C3000 Science Kit
Lab Rat Gifts, $279.95 (approx. £193)

With a 192-page manual, and 333 experiments, this pack is for the prodigy. Your juvenile genius may never leave their room again.

10. Test Tube Chandelier 
Etsy, £188.07

And for those who have EVERYTHING – a little electrical extravagance!


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