Exhibition Artwork

Client: Canopy BioSciences

Brief: Four illustrations to be printed on 3 x 2 metre exhibition stands representing new products

Technical illustration

Client: Canopy BioSciences

Brief: Two technical illustrations to demonstrate how biotechnology kits work

Journal figures

Client: Karolinska Institutet

Brief: Three technical figures for a research article


Client: Mendeley

Brief: Five illustrations to go on the walls of the meeting rooms in the new offices at the Alphabeta building

Seminar posters

Client: The Gurdon Institute

Brief: Illustrated posters for the seminar series (approximately 12 per year)

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Social media content

Client: Vivid Biology

Brief: Graphics illustrating genuine gene names for engagement purposes on Twitter and Instagram

Website icons

Client: Canopy Biosciences

Brief: Website icons to represent different options for biotechnologies

Public Outreach

Client: The Gurdon Institute

Brief: Artwork for a large banner used in an outreach activity at the Green Man festival

Website Illustrations

Client: eBioLabs (University of Bristol)

Brief: Illustrations for the University of Bristol's online teaching platform eBioLabs

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Client: Spoonful of Sugar

Brief: Illustrations for the Spoonful of Sugar website

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