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We create hand-drawn and digitally coloured illustrations for a variety of projects from business cards to wall murals. We've worked with companies and researchers around the world bringing their research and biotechnology to life.


We create illustration based on academic research papers or research themes. We study the appropriate papers and come up with eye-catching conceptual representations that explain the science.

These are used by individual researchers for journal cover artwork submissions and lab websites. They are also used by institutions to publicise talks and seminars by visiting researchers.

We've also collaborated with researchers at SciArt exhibitions, creating original artworks based on their work.

We've worked with publishing to create bespoke illustrations to accompany feature articles.

We've also worked with universities and companies to create illustrations to represent categories or sections within websites.

We've created large-scale illustrations to capture attention at exhibitions. These 2x3m illustrations are printed on backdrops for exhibition booths and conceptually represent the technologies or research being presented.

We've created illustrations printed on exhibition-style backdrops for public engagement activities at Green Man.

We've created bespoke illustrations for feature walls in office meeting rooms. These were printed on noise-insulating panels and installed as floor to ceiling walls.

We've worked with universities to create illustrations that represent their research institutes. These were printed onto sculptures and installed outside the institutes.

We've worked with animators to storyboard scripts, making sure that ideas are communicated clearly before animation takes place.


We've worked with several researchers to create concept sketches and final cover artwork to accompany journal submissions.

We've worked with individual research labs to create illustrations for lab websites to help explain their research.

We've also created illustrations for labs to use on the back of business cards when they go to conferences.

We've worked with universities to design illustrated posters for seminar series, giving each talk a unique visual identity.

We've created illustrations incorporated into public artwork outside research institutes.

We've worked with biotechnology companies to create concept artwork for new products that they have launched. These have been used extensively as both exhibition stand backdrops and in subsequent digital and print marketing materials.

We've created custom cover artwork for academic textbooks written by professors.

We've created illustrations to accompany features articles in journals

We've had several of our illustrations licensed for use in news articles.

We've designed artwork for public engagement activities.

We've designed signage and posters for use at university and research open days.

We've created bespoke artwork to be printed as wall murals in offices.

We've created posters and artwork to be displayed on walls.