Perfect Posters in 15 Steps

Most conferences include a poster session where researchers present overviews of their current research on large wall-mounted displays. Poster sessions can be a fantastic opportunity to connect with other researchers in a chatty environment, and a well-crafted poster is a great conversation starter. The chances are, a good proportion of the other people at your […]

Ten tips for great Journal Cover Artwork

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve written up the manuscript. You’re on the cusp of clicking ‘submit’ on the online form, when disaster strikes. You forgot about the cover artwork. Didn’t you ask that new PhD student to do it? You can’t remember. Before you drop hundreds of pounds on a shiny camera and […]

Chemical Structure from the inside out

Chemistry is one of those words that make a lot of people shudder, presenting it on a poster in a cool and interesting way can be a tricky task. Here are some tips to give your organic molecules a little bit of pop!