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We take cutting edge science and turn it into eye-catching artwork, technical figures, and infographics.

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Vivid Biology is a UK science illustration studio. We create conceptual illustrations and technical diagrams for biomedical scientists. Our specialist areas are Synthetic Biology, Genetics and Neuroscience. We've tried our hand at fields as varied as blind quantum computing to psychopharmacology though.

We're scientists by training (to at least MSci level), so we can read the research papers and understand what the communication non-negotiables are in a technical diagram.

We love science and data. We also love art and design. We think it's criminal that these are so often seen as polar opposites. We believe in communicating science clearly, and it's a lot easier to do that with well-designed visuals.

Technical Figures

Conceptual illustrations

Science has an image problem

Microscopic scales, experimental ambiguity, and enough acronyms to fill a dictionary. It's easy to get bogged down with the jargon and technical details and forget about the bigger picture.

You can't photograph DNA, proteins and their interactions. Even your in vitro cells aren't the same are what happens in vivo. But if you can't show people how something works, are you sure they understood it?

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We create vibrant and yet accurate illustrations from scientific research papers that you don't need a PhD to appreciate.

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We bring our science illustrations to new audiences by putting them on products that appeal scientists and non-scientists alike.

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