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Vivid Biology is a UK science illustration studio that makes your science stand out. We know the importance of scientific accuracy and don't excuse artistic laziness as artistic licence. We focus on concepts and composition rather than complicated renders.

For Scientists

We create vibrant and yet accurate illustrations from scientific research papers that you don't need a PhD to appreciate.

Design Services

For Science Lovers

We bring our science illustrations to new audiences by putting them on products that appeal scientists and non-scientists alike.

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What makes us different

We love science and data. We also love art and design. We think it's criminal that these are so often seen as polar opposites. We believe in communicating science clearly, and it's a lot easier to do that with well-designed visuals.
We like research

We read the papers, and then we read a few more to check we're drawing everything correctly

Laser focus

We separate the signal from the noise and focus on the key details

Everything hand-drawn

All our work is drawn in ink on paper to give each piece a unique look

Composition and concepts

We aim to both think and look different. If it's been done before it can be done better.

We're sociable

We like bouncing ideas off other people and chatting through ideas over coffee

We like to share

We love posting works in progress and studio shots.

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Facts about us

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Who we work with

We work with research and industry to clearly visualise complicated concepts that they have difficultly explaining. We specialise in cellular processes that aren't easily seen or photographed, and in new technologies that would otherwise be obscured by jargon. We also work with researchers and educators who want to grab attention, particularly from those who don't usually engage with science. Just because science is serious doesn't mean it has to look boring.

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Vivid Biology

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Vivid Biology

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